What we do:

  • Basic rewire 
  • More advanced design led rewire 
  • Trouble shooting 
  • Small jobs e.g. extractor fan or new sockets
  • Home security 
  • Smart home equipment 

About Home-Heart

Home – heart is a small company established in 2013 as a builder/landscaping company carrying out tasks in many areas, over the last three years we’ve moved towards electrics. The admin and bookings is carried out by Esther who if you use our contact form will manage your enquiry. Rob is the electrician and designer in the company.

As a company we aim to have a customer focused approach. We look at the needs of our customer and use our previous experience to help you make the best decision. We guide you to identify the best places to accept compromise, ensuring customer satisfaction. We would aim to offer future proof projects that will satisfy the customer requirements for many years to come. 

As you would expect I am fully trained (City & guilds 2365 level three) and we have insurances for both public liability and public indemnity. 

About Me – Rob

I am the electrician in the company and have had a lot of experience in both the building trade and design. Over my working life I have had many jobs, which has enabled me to look at problems from many angles. This has led to me being a good problem solver. My many years as a teacher in East London have given me skills working with people (both kids and parents) often at points of stress.

My work in the building trade started when I was very young at the age of 8 I was already up and down ladders helping my Dad rebuild our house and since then I have worked across many trades as a general builder and landscaper. As an electrician I use all of the skills I have developed over time to deliver a high quality service that sticks to the regulations to deliver a safe compliant project that leaves both me and the customer feeling satisfied

Back in 2003 I achieved my 1stclass honors degree in design teaching. Over the four years of this course I built on my design skills to find inventive ways to do things. Throughout this site you will see lights and lighting themes that I have designed and made to add interest or functionality such as below: